3 Trendy Textures And Colors For Your Home's Walls

Your home consists of many walls, which create a safe and secure environment. Although most builders and designers opt for neutral colors and ordinary finishes for these walls, many homeowners choose to add personality, style, and value to their home with different wall coverings and paint colors. If you are ready to update one or more rooms of your home but do not know where to begin, here are a few trendy textures and colors for your home's walls. [Read More]

Painting The Master Bathroom? 3 Tips For The Most Relaxing Space

If you're looking for ways to update your master bathroom, you may be thinking that your only options are going to be expensive remodeling projects. Instead of focusing only on changes like replacing fixtures or having new floors put in, look into the difference that painting can make. Before you rush into picking out a color for the bathroom and having the space painted, it's important to look into the following tips and how much of a difference they can make with the way that your bathroom looks afterward. [Read More]

Three Signs It's Time to Have Your Warehouse Floor Striping Redone

The massive interior of a warehouse is something that must be properly configured to be as functional as possible for all of the people helping to accomplish business as usual inside. Part of what makes such a large space functional is the setup of the building itself, right down to the directive striping that gets applied to the floor. If your warehouse has line striping on the floor to keep employees safely out of the way of forklifts, to mark safe storage zones for pallets and jacks, and other things, it is critical to keep these lines visible. [Read More]

Paint Like The Pros

Painting is one job that many homeowners decide to do on their own instead of hiring pros. Of course, while doing your own painting is going to save money, you don't want people to actually notice that you did the work yourself. You want it to look like a pro painted your walls. In order to create a professional looking paint job, you really need to know a few tips. Painting is deceptively time consuming and detailed work. [Read More]