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3 Trendy Textures And Colors For Your Home's Walls

Your home consists of many walls, which create a safe and secure environment. Although most builders and designers opt for neutral colors and ordinary finishes for these walls, many homeowners choose to add personality, style, and value to their home with different wall coverings and paint colors. If you are ready to update one or more rooms of your home but do not know where to begin, here are a few trendy textures and colors for your home's walls.


If you watch interior-design shows or navigate decorating blogs, you probably have seen shiplap.

There are different versions of shiplap in this day and age, but true and authentic shiplap are boards that are installed in a tongue/groove technique horizontally on the wall. The locking of these boards ensures the shiplap is watertight and secure to your wall.

Shiplap can be left alone in its natural wood state, or you can stain or paint it in a finish or color that suits your decorating style. For a crisp and clean look, consider painting the rustic shiplap boards in a glossy, white color. This will create a streamlined look while still showing some of the rustic texture of the shiplap. If you want a more contemporary feel, consider gray, navy blue, or even black for your shiplap.

In addition to different finishes and colors, shiplap can be used to cover all the walls in a room or installed on just one wall to create an accent feature. Many homeowners will also install shiplap around their fireplace and mantel or along their kitchen island.

No matter which color or how you install it, shiplap can be a great way to add personality to ordinary walls in your home.


Another trendy option to consider for one or more walls in your home is chalkboard paint. Not only will the dark paint finish create an attractive statement and conversation starter, but the chalkboard paint will also be functional for your home and family's needs.

To use chalkboard paint wisely in your home, remember that less is more. For example, most people do not need a large amount of chalkboard space, so avoiding painting an entire wall with the paint. Instead, use chalkboard paint on a smaller wall or a small section of a wall.

If you have an area in your breakfast nook or dining area where you and your family gather in the morning and at night, it would be an ideal spot for the chalkboard paint. Each day, write a special quote or Bible verse on the wall to motivate and inspire your family. Use the chalkboard to also make notes about errands that need to be completed or information on the menu for the week.

With the right chalk lettering, a chalkboard wall can become a truly beautiful and functional part of your home.


Last, but definitely not least, consider adding metallic finishes to the walls using wallpaper or actual metallic paint.

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of metallic appeal is by creating an accent wall. A wall painted in a matte gray will look wonderful with gold metallic detailing. Silvery accents against a navy blue wall will also be an attractive option on a wall in the home. These accent walls can be created around a fireplace or behind your headboard in the master bedroom.

If you enjoy the current paint colors in your home but want to add a bit of sparkle to the space, consider a metallic overlay for the paint. This will add hints of metallic sparkle without overwhelming your space.

Painting your home with style does not have to be difficult. With one or more of these trendy textures and paint finishes, you can add style and value to your home. 

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