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Three Signs It's Time to Have Your Warehouse Floor Striping Redone

The massive interior of a warehouse is something that must be properly configured to be as functional as possible for all of the people helping to accomplish business as usual inside. Part of what makes such a large space functional is the setup of the building itself, right down to the directive striping that gets applied to the floor. If your warehouse has line striping on the floor to keep employees safely out of the way of forklifts, to mark safe storage zones for pallets and jacks, and other things, it is critical to keep these lines visible. Here are a few signs it is time to have your warehouse floor's line striping redone. 

You have made major changes to the layout of the building. 

Any time you make changes to the interior layout of your warehouse, you should go ahead and update the line striping on the floor as well. A few examples of changes you may make that will likely require that you have your line striping redone include:

  • Moving pallet racking to new locations
  • Reconfiguring pedestrian/equipment pathways or routes
  • Implementing new storage systems

Sometimes even slight changes should call for bringing in a line striping service to either make amendments to the current striping or put down new lines. 

The lines are not as visible as they should be.

The number one sign that it is time to have your line stripes repainted is when they are no longer as visible as they should be. This can be especially problematic if there is a lot of heavy traffic in a certain area. If the line stripes and markings are faded, missing in spots, or otherwise messed up, it is best to go ahead and have them redone. The professional can add a layer of protectant sealant with the new application to keep the markings protected for longer. 

There are a higher number of workplace accidents relative to the lines.

Line stripes and floor markings in certain areas are absolutely imperative to workplace safety. In some instances, you will notice higher instances of safety incidents or near safety incidents in areas where markings are not right or have worn away. Any accident in these areas should, of course, be thoroughly investigated, and the floor markings should be examined to see if they played a role in the incident. If you notice problems, make sure you have the problem tended to right away. 

If you notice any of these signs in your warehouse, contact a line striping professional like Elite Line Striping for assistance.