Understanding Proper Painting

Using A Paint Sprayer On Your Exterior? What You Need To Know

If you have an exterior paint job to complete at your home, you may want to consider using a paint sprayer for your project. A paint sprayer can make your paint job much faster, although if you don't use the sprayer properly, it may show the spray markings, or it may not have the proper coverage. Hiring a professional painter to perform the paint job for you may be the best option, but if you think you can tackle this project on your own, there are things you should know before you begin. Read on for some helpful information to use as a guide.

Clean Your Siding

You need to clean your siding before you begin to paint. The siding has accumulated with mold and mildew over time and may have dirt and other debris on the siding as well. It needs to be cleaned, or whatever is on the siding will seep through the paint and will show through. You need to clean the siding with a siding cleaner, which can clean up all of this dirt and debris. Scrub the siding if you have any stains to try and remove them. Once the siding is clean, rinse the cleaning product from your siding to prevent the cleaner from allowing the paint from adhering properly.

Set Up Your Paint Sprayer

Set up your paint sprayer according to the manufacturer's instructions. If it was used previously, make sure there isn't any paint blocking the sprayer opening. Clean the sprayer completely before you attempt to use it. Practice spraying with the paint sprayer to ensure you know what type of spray to use on your siding and where you need to stand to get the right type of coverage. You want to be close enough that the spray doesn't go all over but not too close that the paint runs rather than spreads evenly.

Begin Painting

Again, stand far enough away but close enough that the paint adheres and sprays properly and evenly. Apply the paint in a back-and-forth motion when using the sprayer, so you get even coverage without too much overlapping. Once you have completed one coat, check to see if you can see any sprayer marks. If you do, you will need to apply a second coat to even out the sprayer marks and give it the proper coverage on the second coat.

If your exterior needs to be painted and you are going to be using a paint sprayer, there are things you should know before you begin this project. Hire a professional painting company, such as Negrini Painting, if you need someone to do this work for you.