Understanding Proper Painting

3 Signs That Indicate You Need To Hire A Commercial Painting Contractor

Besides improving curb appeal, the paint on a commercial building also protects the walls and siding from the elements. Thus, you should ensure that your commercial property's paintwork is always in good condition to maintain its aesthetics and protect it from factors such as:

  • Moisture
  • Temperature changes
  • Insects
  • Mold

When the paintwork deteriorates, you should hire a commercial painting contractor to apply a fresh paint coat. So here are three signs that let you know it's time to hire a commercial painting contractor.

1. The Current Paint Coat Appears Faded 

Over time, paint tends to deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to the elements. Hence it is common for paint to start fading after a few years due to degradation by heat, moisture, and other elemental factors. 

However, failing to address the issue early results in a commercial property looking run down. Also, the longer you neglect repainting the property, the more curb appeal it loses. 

The faded paint may also affect the number of tenants or customers you get. Remember, the aesthetic appeal of a commercial property attracts both customers and tenants. So, customers and tenants may start avoiding the premises when your property loses curb appeal due to faded paint. 

To prevent the above scenario, you should hire a commercial painting contractor as soon as the current paint coat starts to fade. By applying a fresh coat of paint, a contractor can restore the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property. 

2. The Current Paint Coat Is Bubbling or Chipping 

Bubbling occurs when a paint coat loses adhesion to the surface of a building due to moisture and heat. 

When moisture gets between a paint coat and a wall, it causes the paint coat to lose adhesion. As a result, the paint coat starts to peel off the wall. When heat from the sun gets introduced into the situation, it causes the moisture to expand, thus forming a bubble underneath the paint coat. 

Chipping occurs when minute cracks in the paint coat expand and contract due to temperature changes. The frequent expansion and contraction cause chunks of the paint to chip off, leaving the walls exposed to the elements. 

Thus, if your paint starts to bubble or chip, call a commercial painting contractor to repaint your commercial property. 

3. Tough Stains Won't Come Off

Dust and dirt stains come off quickly when you use a pressure washing service. However, stains caused by mold or bird droppings are not easy to remove, even with power washing. Yet, the presence of such stains deteriorates the appearance of your commercial property. 

But if the stains won't come off, what should you do? 

The best way to get rid of tough stains on your commercial property's walls is by concealing them with a fresh coat of paint. Hence, if you notice stains on your commercial property, call a commercial painting contractor to repaint the property. 

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