Understanding Proper Painting

Three Visual Signs It Is Time To Paint Your Commercial Premises

Fall is not far away and that season is one which is perfect for taking care of exterior building maintenance. Take outside building painting as an example. Painting during summer is not advisable because extreme heat makes the paint dry too quickly and the freezing temperatures of winter mean the paint may not dry at all. But, fall provides the perfect temperature to get things done. As a commercial building owner, how do you determine whether your premises need a fresh coat of paint? Here are three signs it is time to hire a commercial painting service to get the job done.

Chalk On Hands

Paint is not designed to last forever and a decade is the top-end estimate of the exterior building paint lifespan. One way to tell if the paint is reaching the end of its life cycle is to run your hand across it. If your hand comes away looking like it has been touching chalk, then the components of the paint have broken down to a point where they need to be removed and replaced. A commercial exterior painting firm removes this chalk residue by washing the building. A new primer coat is then applied and this is followed by new paint in your choice of color.

Peeling Paint

Paint that is peeling away from the walls of your premises is another visual indicator that it is time to repaint. Once the paint begins to peel away from the walls, it is no longer providing a moisture barrier between the wall and the outside environment. Moisture seeps into your external walls and passes through them to begin damaging the interior walls of your building. This moisture seepage leads to the growth of toxic mold and mildew. A commercial painting service removes the paint by sanding it away. This may be done by hand using a paint scraper or a blasting machine is used to remove large areas of peeling paint. A primer coat is then applied to the affected area before the whole building receives a fresh coat of paint.

Bubbling Paint

Bubbling paint is a third visual indicator and this occurs when air pockets get trapped between the paint and the building surface. The paint rises in a bubble-shape and again this means the paint is no longer providing a moisture barrier for your commercial premises. To remove the problem, the bubbles are popped and the affected paint scraped away in a similar fashion to peeling paint. A coat of primer and new paint are then applied.

If you notice any of these three visual clues that your commercial premises need repainting, do not delay getting this task booked in with a professional commercial painter as soon as possible. Contact a local company like Premier Painting and Coating.