Understanding Proper Painting

Updating Your Home With a New Paint Job: What You Should Know

Before you start your next remodeling job, there are a few things you should consider first. One thing you should consider is that you can update your home with paint, rather than paying a lot of money on a complete remodel. Paint can go a long way in changing the look of any room in your home. If you are looking to update your home with paint, first consider the following factors.

Dark Or Light

There are a number of paint colors to choose from, but don't let it overwhelm you. Consider the room you are painting and choose one color you think would match your style, or choose a neutral color that will go with any decor you may have. Once you decide on a color, decide if you want it dark or light. Dark colors will make a room appear small, while light colors can open up a room and make the room feel larger and more spacious.  Choose between dark and light carefully, as it can change the entire look and feel of a room.

Textured Or Smooth

You can paint with just a paint roller for a smooth look, or you can use a textured paint roller to give your walls a textured look. There are other things you can use as well to give your walls a textured look, such as rag rolling your walls, which is using a rag wrapped around your paint roller, or you can use a sponge to create a textured look. A smooth look is more traditional, but a textured look can add an extra visual element to the room.

Bright Or Muted

The vibrancy of the shade you choose can also change the feel of the room. If you choose a muted shade over a more vibrant shade (or vice versa), the entire feel of the room can change. The shade you choose should reflect the feeling you want for the room. If you want the room to feel cheery and bold, then a bright shade is best. If you choose to go with a muted shade, it can offer a calming effect. 

If you are going to update a room in your home, consider painting the room. If you aren't keen on painting your home yourself, hire a professional painter to do the work for you. Your painter can help you choose the paint color that is right for you and get the job done quickly. Contact professional painters like WOW Painting & Contracting LLC for more information.