Understanding Proper Painting

Make Your Bakery More Enticing with a New Paint Job

If you run a bakery, you may know that you can bring in new customers and build loyalty with those who come in through various methods. While you may like to trust that your customer service and baked goods will get new customers to come back a second and third time, you may want to improve your ability to bring in new faces in the first place with changes to the bakery.

A great way that you can make this happen is by changing how your bakery looks. Although you can invest in remodeling projects, you should not hesitate to start with painting alone.

Stand Out from Nearby Businesses

When you want to make your bakery stand out to customers, you should take a look at the surrounding businesses to get an idea of what you should do with painting. For instance, you may want to paint the exterior in different colors to make the bakery stand out within the area. The last thing you want is for your bakery to blend in and look like a part of another business.

If you have large glass windows in the front for people to see through, you may want to also think about the interior paint job because this will also play a role in attracting people from outside.

Add Inviting Colors

Aside from making sure that your bakery stands out alongside other businesses close by, you should consider introducing some inviting colors. For instance, you cannot go wrong with adding yellow around the bakery because it is a color that radiates happiness and positivity. You can even go with blue if you want to make your establishment feel extra cozy and comfortable.

While you can enjoy a lot of freedom with furniture and decorations by opting for neutral colors on the trim and walls, you should not consider this a rule. All it takes is getting creative with furnishing when you put bright colors on the walls to make your entire bakery look inviting. If you need help with painting your bakery, contact companies such as Integrity Painting, Inc.

Complement Your Baked Goods

Since you want your baked goods to be the first thing that people see when they walk in, you should try to avoid paint colors that look the same as your baked items. For instance, if you make a lot of loaves and rolls, you may not want to go with browns or tans that can look quite similar.

Hiring commercial painters and considering these ideas should help you make your bakery look more enticing to potential customers.