Understanding Proper Painting

Paint Like The Pros

Painting is one job that many homeowners decide to do on their own instead of hiring pros. Of course, while doing your own painting is going to save money, you don't want people to actually notice that you did the work yourself. You want it to look like a pro painted your walls. In order to create a professional looking paint job, you really need to know a few tips. Painting is deceptively time consuming and detailed work.

Nonetheless, it remains a perfect DIY project because the barrier to entry is very low. You don't need to have any heavy tools and the work doesn't require adherence to strict safety and building code guidelines. As long as you have some common sense, have the physical ability to handle the labor, and you can follow some simple tips, you can paint as good as the pros.

It's in the Prep Work

Most pros will tell you that is all about the prep work. Prepping — from masking-off to taping the edges — is going to impact the quality of your paint finish. First of all, if you don't adequately protect your surfaces from dripping paint and spills, you could end up with paint in places that you definitely don't want it. You don't want to spend extra time or money trying to remove paint spills when the job is complete.

Creating the lines can be the most meticulous aspect of the entire project. The lines are the most noticeable part of the paint job because this is where eyes will be drawn. So, taking time with your lines is well worth it. If your lines are wavy or splotchy from bleeding, your job will look amateur. The first step is to make sure you use high-quality paint tape. Most masking tape is cheap. But, if you use blue or green tape, this usually indicates that the tape is specially designed for painting. The tape edges are thicker and stickier so the paint cannot bleed underneath. Even if you use the most high-quality and expensive tape, you still need to push it down as firmly as possible. You can use your finger, but you might get better results on textured surfaces if you use a rag. By pushing down with a rag you can get the tape down in between all the crevices and indents of the texture.

Painting is easy, but make sure you are patient and do your part to make it look professional. If you are looking to hire for your painting project, call a professional team like Fagan Painting today.