Understanding Proper Painting

How To Paint Exterior Trim

Home improvement projects can be personally rewarding, especially if you do the work yourself. DIY projects not only save you money, but they can also give you a great sense of accomplishment. There are a number of manageable DIY projects that can be tackled by homeowners even if they don't have construction skills or tools. Even basic projects, like repainting the trim on your exterior can greatly add to your home style. This article explains how to paint the wooden trim pieces around your windows, doors, and roof lines.

A Small Amount of Painting

Painting trim is usually easy because there is less surface area to paint, but the painting does go slower because you have to do it by hand. It is a worthwhile investment because it can actually have a big impact on the way the outside of your home looks. Changing your trim color can breathe new life into your main wall color.

A Little Prep Work

Before painting the trim, you will want to patch and repair any damaged wood that is making your walls look old. Wood patch is easy to work with, and you can fix most holes and cracks with just a putty knife. You play the patch to the word, let it dry, and then send it down.

Priming the Wood is Key

Whenever you are painting exterior surfaces, especially if you have to do some patching, you want to use a primer. Priming is going to waterproof the wood and ensure that the paint absorbs evenly. Some people try to skip this step by using an all-in-one paint/primer. But, these don't work as good as a using a separate paint and primer. Since trim pieces are usually narrow, the job is most effective if you just choose and help paintbrushes.

Taping vs. Freehand

The most important thing to decide is whether you are going to tape off your walls, or just freehand. That is, if you are an experienced painter, you might be able to create good enough edges without using any tape. In fact, if you have stucco walls, the tape won't stick very well to such a rough surface, so there is no reason to waste your time applying the tape.

In the end, many homeowners end up being surprised how simply changing the color of their trim can have such a big impact on their exterior style by altering their color palette. For more information, contact your local exterior home painters.