Understanding Proper Painting

Homeowners - How To Refresh Outdated Vinyl Siding With Exterior Paint

Many homeowners choose vinyl siding because it saves them money. It eliminates the need to constantly repaint your house every few years. This house material can last from 10 to 15 years. Vinyl siding is known for its durability, but it can fade and look dull over time.

An affordable solution is to paint over the vinyl instead of replacing it. Read on to find out how to refresh outdated vinyl siding.

Contact A Painting Contractor

Many homeowners are not aware that you can paint over vinyl siding. It takes using the right paint. An exterior painting contractor is your best friend for this type of renovation project.

Paint is made up of pigments, additives, resins, and solvents. Exterior and interior paints are similar when it comes to pigments and solvents. The difference between the two is the resins and additives.

You want to choose an exterior paint for vinyl siding. Exterior paint can withstand different types of weather conditions. When you put exterior paint on something, the different temperatures cause the paint to contact and expand. To counter this activity, exterior paint contains resins with additives that keeps the surface looking fresh regardless of the temperature. It also contains additives that protect against mildew, tannin staining, and fading.

Painting vinyl siding is not as labor intensive as painting wood. It also improves the durability and the siding is easy to clean because it does not retain water.

Choose The Right Weather Conditions

If you are planning to refresh your siding, then you want to do the work during the best weather conditions. The ideal weather conditions are an overcast sky, low humidity, and mild temperatures. You do not want the weather to be too windy, hot, or sunny. If so, it may be hard to apply the paint properly. This results in the paint flaking and cracking over time. It helps to talk to your contractor about the best time to do the job.

Choose The Right Product For Good Results

You should not choose the first paint container on the shelf. It should be a product that produces lasting results. Choose a paint that contains acrylic and urethane resins. These resins help the paint to stick and can hold up to expansion.

When choosing a color, it should be lighter than or the same shade as the siding. Dark colors tend to retain heat and leave your siding susceptible to premature warping.

Homeowners should always find ways to keep their house looking neat and trendy. Keeping your house up-to-date does not mean overspending, but finding ways to make shortcuts. For more info, talk to companies like D B Osborne Company.