Understanding Proper Painting

Three Tips For Choosing A Color Scheme For Your Office Space

One component commonly overlooked when designing office space for employees is the color scheme. Color can have a big impact on employee energy and productivity, but may companies choose their office color scheme with their company branding in mind rather than worker output. Here are a couple of tips for choosing interior colors that affect your employees in a positive way so they can do their best work:

Start with the End Effect in Mind

The first thing to think about when choosing an interior paint color for office space is the type of atmosphere you want to create. Different colors produce different emotional and energy responses in people, so you need to decide what type of effect you want the room to have on the people working in it.

For instance, blue and green tend to have a soothing effect on people; green because it represents nature and the outdoors, and blue because it symbolizes stability and reliability. These are two good colors to use when you want to make the space as calm and peaceful as possible. On the other hand, if you want your employees to feel energized and positive, use reds and yellow. Red is connected to passion and action, while yellow is associated with happiness and positivity.

You can find quite a bit of information about color psychology online, so look up the different effects color produces and choose one that matches your goal.

Watch the Intensity

The intensity of the color you select can also have an impact on people working in the space. Soft neutrals, such as grey and beige, help reduce eye strain and fatigue, which can be significantly beneficial for people who work on computers all day (the light from monitors can also cause eye strain). Muted colors, such as pink and pale blue, tend to add softness to a space, while intense colors—such as scarlet and sun yellow—adds more energy to the environment.

In addition to taking care when choosing the color's intensity, be mindful when picking out the paint as well, its sheen in particular. Paint comes in six different sheens, from matte to hi-gloss. The higher the sheen, the more light the paint reflects, and the brighter it appears. So even if you pick a muted or neutral color, it may seem more intense than it really is because of the sheen.

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