Understanding Proper Painting

Six Reasons Why You Should Have Your House Painted Before Selling It

You may want to have your home painted if you're in the process of selling it. Having your home painted can make your home easier to sell in a variety of ways.

The following are six reasons why you should have your house painted before selling it:

You'll improve the curb appeal of the exterior and attract more buyers.

If you have your home's exterior painted, you can improve the appearance of your home from the outside. This means that a lot of buyers will have a better first impression of your home. First impressions are important when you're trying to draw prospective buyers in to view your home and learn more about it. 

You can expect to get more money on the closing price of your home.

You might have to spend a little money to have your home painted, but you'll probably be making it all back and then some once you sell your home. Having a home painted can increase the home's resale value. 

You can remedy any blemishes in your home's current paint job.

If your home's interior or exterior is prone to a lot of blemishes, it's definitely a good idea to have it painted. Marks or chips in your home's paint can cause your home to appear more run down and may even lead prospective buyers to believe that your home has deeper problems like water damage. 

You won't have to put as much time and effort into marketing your home.

Selling a home can be a time-consuming process. Anything you can do to increase your home's overall appeal will allow you to put less time into marketing your home and waiting for a good offer to come along. 

You can improve the air quality in your home and make it healthier for the next owner.

You might not be aware of the fact that a new paint job can actually improve the quality of interior air in your home.

A new paint job will remove dust from walls and can decrease dust accumulation over time. It can also help to remove any odors from old paint that has become damp or is peeling off of wall surfaces.

Painting your home is generally a more affordable and faster remodel project than many other remodel options.

Painting a home doesn't require tearing out drywall or carpeting. Some remodel projects like having new kitchen or bathroom fixtures put in can be expensive. Painting a home is typically a relatively inexpensive remodel job. 

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