Understanding Proper Painting

What's in a Paint Store (That Isn't Anywhere Else) ?

Some paint is advertised on TV as "only available in 'X' paint store." It makes you wonder why certain paint brands are only sold in specific paint stores, while any and all other brands of wall paint are sold just about anywhere. Actually, there are a lot of things sold exclusively in a paint store that are not sold in any big-box store or massive home improvement store. Here are a few of those items.

Texture Sprayers

Spraying texture on your walls is not just about providing texture. It is about giving your walls an additional layer to which the primer and paint can stick. It also makes the plaster on the walls thicker so that if something hard hits the walls it will not sink right through the drywall into the interior of the wall. Giant holes in an already painted wall are very difficult to fix. The texture sprayers help prevent some of the worst damages by building up the layers of plaster and drywall.

These texture sprayers exclusive to paint stores look similar to a pressure washer. In fact, they have many of the same components, except instead of storing and spraying water, the texture sprayers lay down various thicknesses of plaster. You could buy one of these machines, but if you are painting your own walls and will not be using the texture sprayer for anything else, ask the paint store if you can rent a sprayer instead.

Faux Finishes

If you are of the opinion that you can never have too much glitter or you love the crackly look of some paints, you should know that they are not made by paint. These special effects are made by faux finishes, which are often exclusive to paint stores like Klenosky Paint . The reason for this is that the faux finishes are designed to work only with the paint from the same manufacturer. When the paint is from a manufacturer that sells its products exclusively through a particular paint store, then that is the only place you will find these faux finishes as well.

Concrete "Paint" Guaranteed to Stick

You can do just about anything to make concrete look more attractive. However, not all products work as expected. In a paint store, concrete color (or concrete "paint") is an exclusive item for two reasons: it is not something commonly sold in other stores because this type of product is aimed at professionals, and the product sold in paint stores comes with guarantee that the color will stick to concrete for life.