Understanding Proper Painting

Warehouse Painting: Questions To Ask

Eventually your commercial warehouse will need fresh paint. Even if customers never visit, it's smart and important to keep the place looking presentable out of respect for your employees and the reputation of your company; new paint can drastically improve both the interior and exterior of your warehouse. Before having the place worked on, ask these commercial painting questions first.

When Can We Do It?

Commercial painters are as busy as you are, and many of them operate during the week just as you do. However, depending on client orders which have to be done immediately and equipment that you may want to power down while painting is happening, it may be very important that painting happen on weekends or evenings. Asking about hours right away prevents making a deal only to find out that the hours won't work for you.

How Can We Get Ready?

Commercial painters who have worked in warehouses before may have their own protocol for you to relay to your employees. However, find out whether employees will need to drape protective tarps over the machines they work on.  Ask whether painters will assist in that endeavor so you know how much time to allot to preparation for the painting job.

Can You Paint Our Floor?

If your warehouse floor is made of sturdy concrete, it will probably not enter your head that it too can be painted. In fact, special epoxies and coatings can be applied so that the floor is more liquid-resistant and slip-resistant. This can boost safety and reduce accidents, so painting the floor is worth exploring and you should definitely ask painters whether that is something they can add to their duties.

If the floor is indeed to be painted, ensure that you notify workers well ahead of time so that tools and other items can be removed from the floor in enough time

Do You Paint Machines?

You may have once heard that painting tubes and metal surfaces can cool down hydraulic and other systems. Not every commercial painter has experience with this, but if you often deal with overheating systems and find yourself replacing cylinder seals often, it's worth asking about. In particular, be sure that if they are willing to paint those surfaces for you, that they use paint that can withstand high temperatures.

Paint transforms spaces, and your warehouse should soon look much better. These questions prevent any painting issues that delay your employees from getting on with their work. Contact a company, like APC Services of New England, for more help.