Understanding Proper Painting

Low Gloss And Satin Paints Compared

No matter where you are in your home, you can probably look around and immediately see a few things that you would like to upgrade. Of course, you might not be able to afford all of these upgrades immediately, so you need to consider your budget before starting any projects. It is a good idea to start off with small, affordable projects like interior painting. When it comes to overall cost, an interior paint job is among the cheapest possible home upgrades. It also has a great impact on the style and value of your home, so it is very cost effective. Of course, you want to make sure you choose the right product for painting your walls. This article explains the difference between low gloss and satin paint.

Satin vs. High Gloss

First of all, you can pretty much find any paint color with both high gloss or satin sheen. Satin paint is has a sheen somewhere in between low and high gloss. That is, it won't be shiny like a high gloss paint, but it will have a slightly more polished look then low gloss. Satin paint is popular because most people don't really love the way that light reflects off of high gloss paint. It just doesn't look very homey in residential properties. However, some people don't like low gloss paint because it gets dirty easier.


Satin is a nice compromise for these customers because it has a clean surface that can be effectively cleaned by just wiping it down. However, satin is still not suitable for bathrooms because it isn't protective enough. In bathrooms, you should have a high gloss paint to help battle against all of the moisture.

Satin might be the perfect solution in a kids room where you are worried about the walls getting dirty. Satin paint is also great for kitchens were there can be moisture, grease, and steam.

Low Gloss Paint

Low gloss paints are often loved by homeowners because the colors are rich and true, without any reflection or shine. Simply put, low gloss just seems to look more natural inside a home. Also, it is usually cheaper then a comparable satin paint. 

In the end, you should make your decision room by room. You can probably paint the majority of your walls with affordable low gloss paint, and then use satin in certain rooms, and use high-gloss paint in the bathrooms.

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